NFPA® 2112

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The NFPA 2112 standard specifies the minimum requirements for a garment to be considered “fire resistant”.

Garments which are certified NFPA 2112 must pass each of the following tests:

Heat Transfer Performance – Tests how much heat is transferred through a garment
Vertical Flammability Test – Tests how easily the fabrics ignite and continue to burn
Thermal Shrinkage Test – Tests the fabrics resistance to shrinkage when exposed to heat
Heat Resistance Test – Tests how the fabric reacts to extremely high heats
Thermal Manikan Test – An overall test on the how the fabric performs in a coverall design exposed to 3s of extreme temperatures
Thread Melting Test – Threads used in cerified NFPA 2112 garments must use threads that can withstand temperatures of 500℉