About iWantWorkwear

Mission Statement:

Here at iWantWorkwear, we look forward to building our brand, expanding our exclusive line of products and provide the richest content possible for each product we sell. We want our customers to be informed, happy and above all else safe.

Founded in 1984

Founded in 1984; Michigan Safety Products of Flint Inc began by selling safety products to the Big Three ( General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Chrysler ) automobile manufactures. While remaining true to its roots; the company has expanded its operations into ecommerce websites specializing in Fall Protection, Safety Cutters and even offering a full line of safety products.

Workwear That Matters

Now, Michigan Safety Products of Flint Inc. is expanding to a new line of operation with iWantWorkwear specializing in professional grade workwear; designed to be improve worker morale and productivity. We strive to offer only high quality workwear you can rely on. We make great efforts to provide our customers with content that explains what you are getting why it helps you.

Over 30 years of experience in selling Personal Protective Equipment allows us to offer the best possible experience for our customers.