• Portwest C470 ANSI 107 Type R Class 2 High Visibility Safety Vest, Orange

    C470 Reflective Safety Vest, Economy – Portwest

  • Portwest S170 High Visibility Cotton T-shirt w/ Reflective Tape, front

    S170 High Visibility Cotton Comfort T-shirt Yellow – Portwest

  • Portwest US384 ANSI Class 2 Economy Breakaway Safety Vest, Yellow

    US384 Breakaway Safety Vest, 2 Pockets – Portwest

  • Portwest S278 High Visibility Cotton Comfort Long Sleeve T-shirt, Orange, Front

    S278 High Visibility Cotton Comfort Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Portwest

  • Portwest S191 High Visibility Long Sleeve T-shirt w/ Pocket * Reflective Tape, Yellow, Front

    S191 High Visibility Long Sleeve T-Shirt – Portwest

  • Portwest b013 insulated winter beanies, available in orange, yellow, black or navy

    B013 Insulated Unisex Beanie – Portwest

  • Iwantworkwear Portwest FR75 Hi-vis FR Safety Vest, Yellow, Front

    FR75 Class 2 Fire Resistant Safety Vest, Yellow or Orange Knit – Bizflame Workwear by Portwest

  • Reflective Jacket, Multi-color Safety Bomber, Radians SJ12, Front

    SJ12 Men’s Multi-color Reflective Winter Jacket – Radians

  • Radians SJ510 hi vis jacket, 4-in-1 insulated coat, removeable sleeves, combo

    SJ510 Reflective 4-in-1 Safety Jacket, Unisex – Radians

  • Portwest US383 ANSI Type R Class 3 High Visibility Safety Vest, Yellow, Front

    US383 Two-tone Safety Vest w/ Zipper, 4 Pockets – Portwest

  • Portwest S277 High Visibility Long Sleeve Safety Polo, Yellow, Front

    S277 Class 3 High Visibility Long Sleeve T-Shirt, Unisex – Portwest

  • Portwest ANSI Class E High Visibility Shorts, Side

    E043 High Visibility Polycotton Shorts, Reflective – Portwest

  • Radians RW30 High Visibility Class 3 Rain Jacket, multi purpose

    RW30 Unisex Reflective Rain Jacket – Radians

  • Portwest US365 3-in-1 High Visibility Jacket, Reflective, Yellow, Front with liner

    US365 High Visibility 3-in-1 Safety Jacket, Yellow – Portwest

  • Portwest US478 High Visibility T-shirt, Yellow, Front

    S478 (Yelllow) & RT23 (Orange) Class 2 High Visibility, Reflective Shirt, Unisex – Portwest

  • Portwest High Visibility H444, Yellow, Reflective, Unisex, Front

    H444 Classic High Visibility Rain Pants – Portwest

  • Portwest H441 High Visibility Yellow Unisex Rain Pants, Reflective

    H441 High Visibility Unisex Rain Pants – Portwest

  • Portwest HI-VIS PREMIUM 2-IN-1 BOMBER - US364, iwantworkwear, front

    US364 High Visibility 2-in-1 Safety Jacket, Unisex – Portwest

  • SJ110B Men’s High Visibility Reflective Jacket w/ Removable Fleece – Radians

  • Portwest s190 High visibility t-shirt w/ pocket, orange, Front

    S190 High Visibility T-shirt, Chest Pocket – Portwest


    RW10 Unisex Reflective Rain Jacket – Radians

  • Portwest S170 High Visibility Cotton T-shirt w/ Reflective Tape, front

    S170 High Visibility Cotton Comfort T-shirt Yellow in Size TALL – Portwest

  • Portwest UMV21 Arc Rated Fire Resistant Mesh Safety Vest, Yellow Front

    UMV21 Fire Resistant Safety Vest, 1 Pocket – Portwest

  • Fleece High Visibility Cap Style # 2828 Lime

    2828 High Visibility Winter Cap – ML Kishig

  • Radians SJ07 Class 3 High Visibility wind breaker, reversible

    SJ07-3ZDS Men’s 4-in-1 Reversible Windbreaker w/ Black Bottom – Radians

  • Portwest S686 High Visibility Snow Pants

    S686 High Visibility Snow Pants, Yellow – Portwest


    SJ11QB Reflective Winter Safety Jacket – Radians

  • Portwest S486 High Visibility Rain Pants, Unisex, Yellow 2

    S486 Two-tone High Visibility Rain Pants, Unisex – Portwest

  • Portwest S493 High Visibility Sealtex Ultra Reflective Pants, Yellow

    S493 High Visibility Flexible Rain Pants – Portwest

  • Portwest S480 High Visibility Rain Pants, Yellow

    S480 Reflective Unisex Rain Pants – Portwest

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