PW3 Work Pants – Reinforced seams – Kneepad slots – Hammer loop – Elastic waist – Adjustable leg length – 10 pockets – Portwest T601

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T601BKR30 - 30 Waist, Black
23 in stock
T601BKR32 - 32 Waist, Black
49 in stock
T601BKR34 - 34 Waist, Black
61 in stock
T601BKR36 - 36 Waist, Black
46 in stock
T601BKR38 - 38 Waist, Black
67 in stock
T601BKR40 - 40 Waist, Black
22 in stock
T601BKR42 - 42 Waist, Black
25 in stock
T601BKR44 - 44 Waist, Black
44 in stock
T601BKR46 - 46 Waist, Black
35 in stock
T601BKR48 - 48 Waist, Black
25 in stock
T601ZBR30 - 30 Waist, Gray
61 in stock
T601ZBR32 - 32 Waist, Gray
126 in stock
T601ZBR34 - 34 Waist, Gray
185 in stock
T601ZBR36 - 36 Waist, Gray
220 in stock
T601ZBR38 - 38 Waist, Gray
114 in stock
T601ZBR40 - 40 Waist, Gray
102 in stock
T601ZBR42 - 42 Waist, Gray
62 in stock
T601ZBR44 - 44 Waist, Gray
39 in stock
T601ZBR46 - 46 Waist, Gray
59 in stock
T601ZBR48 - 48 Waist, Gray
24 in stock
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MpnT601BKR30, T601BKR32, T601BKR34, T601BKR36, T601BKR38, T601BKR40, T601BKR42, T601BKR44, T601BKR46, T601BKR48, T601ZBR30, T601ZBR32, T601ZBR34, T601ZBR36, T601ZBR38, T601ZBR40, T601ZBR42, T601ZBR44, T601ZBR46, T601ZBR48
Weight2 lbs
Dimensions10 × 5 × 4 in




30 Waist, 32 Waist, 34 Waist, 36 Waist, 38 Waist, 40 Waist, 42 Waist, 44 Waist, 46 Waist, 48 Waist

2 reviews for PW3 Work Pants – Reinforced seams – Kneepad slots – Hammer loop – Elastic waist – Adjustable leg length – 10 pockets – Portwest T601

  1. Justin (verified owner)

  2. dieselrx

    As far as pants go, they are great! stylish, comfortable. I especially like the raised back to prevent crack when kneeling down. They don’t have a pocket big enough for a modern cell phone on the right leg which I don’t like. What I hate about them most though, are the kneepad pockets! Do the people that design these things even try their product on?? Seriously, the pocket is sewn on from the inner leg seam and ends one inch from the outer leg seam, it also is sewn on below the knee down towards the shin. Well when you place pads in the pockets, the pads always want to stay in the inner knee area and obviously in the bottom of the pocket. When you kneel down, you either have to adjust both pads to the outside and pull up the pants or you end up on the floor without pads. If you are looking for knee protection work pants, these are not the pants you want. I’m going to try the Chelsea pants

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