75108 HH LIFA MAX Crewneck – Helly Hansen


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  • Lifa® lifts up moisture away from the skin
  • HH®Lifa Max is soft, warm and breathable
  • No shoulder or side seams
  • Flatlock stitching significantly improves comfort
  • Incredibly warm
  • Built for low-medium activity on cold days
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75108_990-XS - XS, Black
30 in stock
75108_990-S - S, Black
7 in stock
75108_990-M - M, Black
652 in stock
75108_990-L - L, Black
46 in stock
75108_990-2XL - 2XL, Black
18 in stock
75108_990-3XL - 3XL, Black
8 in stock
75108_990-4XL - 4XL, Black
44 in stock
75108_990-5XL - 5XL, Black
33 in stock
75108_590-XS - XS, Navy
15 in stock
75108_590-S - S, Navy
161 in stock
75108_590-M - M, Navy
506 in stock
75108_590-L - L, Navy
430 in stock
75108_590-XL - XL, Navy
168 in stock
75108_590-2XL - 2XL, Navy
30 in stock
75108_590-3XL - 3XL, Navy
158 in stock
75108_590-4XL - 4XL, Navy
48 in stock
75108_590-5XL - 5XL, Navy
42 in stock
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HH LIFA MAX Crewneck – Helly Hansen 75108

A tower is only as strong as its foundation and it goes the same way for layers. A base layer works by fitting securely to your skin, ventilating and cooling while simultaneously wicking moisture up from the skin and into your outer layers.

The 75108 Helly Hansen Lifa Max Crewneck combines fantastic warmth, moisture control and reliability all in a comfortable, lightweight and great looking crewneck. Flatlock stitching helps to minimize number of layers and maximize comfort. Cuffs and neckband are reinforced with double self fabric to ensure durability and a proper fit.

Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen has been making professional grade gear to help people stay alive for over 140 years. Today the legacy of Helly Hansen lives on - developing the latest and greatest outdoor gear - Helly keeps people staying and feeling ALIVE.

Norwegian Ethical Trade Organization (NETO)

Since 2003, Helly Hansen has been apart of NETO - ensuring a equal rights and a fair pay for everyone involved. Helly Hansen ensures product quality and ethical material sourcing by building long-term relationships with suppliers, enabling free speech in the work place and annual social audits.

For the Planet

This company was born from the inherent relationship between human beings and water. Apparel production uses a lot of water which is why Helly Hansen is doing everything they can do reduce consumption, improve production and support general awareness of the issue.

  • By optimizing of water usage and minimizing use of harmful chemicals and wasting energy
  • A closed supply chain with full traceability and transparency ensure materials are harvested ethically
  • Producing high quality equipment that lasts as long as possible (no fast fashion here)



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