ASTM F1959/F1959M-12

  • Portwest FR01 Bizflame Fire Resistant Crew Neck, all colors

    FR01 Fire Resistant Long Sleeve T-shirt – Portwest 7oz, 100% Cotton, FR Treated, Chest Pocket, Knit Weave, ARC 2, UPF50+

  • Portwest FR02 Bizflame Fire Resistant Henley, all colors

    FR02 Fire Resistant Henley T-shirt – Portwest 7 oz. FR Cotton Knit, Chest Pocket, Button-up Collar, ARC2, FR Properties last 50 washes

  • Bizflame Fire Resistant Cargo Shirt - Portwest FR89, all colors

    FR89 Fire Resistant Shirt – Portwest 7oz. Bizflame 88/12, Adjustable Cuffs, Tail Drop, 2 pockets, FR Treated, ARC2, NFPA 2112

  • Portwest BZ31 FR Cargo Pants, Gray, Front

    BZ31 Bizweld Fire Resistant Cargo Pants, ARC 2 – Portwest Dual Hazard Protection, Permanent FR Properties, 7 Pockets, UPF50+


    UFR21 Anti-static FR Coverall Jumpsuit, 7oz – Portwest Bizflame Plus, NFPA 70E, Reflective Elements, Brass Zipper, ARC2, 10 Pockets

  • UBIZ5 Reflective FR Welding Coveralls – Portwest ARC2, Reflective. AR/FR, Metal Snap Closure, UPF50+, Elastic Waist

  • FR94 Reflective Cotton FR Coverall – Portwest Bizflame 88/12, Reflective, Dual Hazard Protection, ARC2, Brass Zipper, 8 Pockets

  • Portwest UFR81 Flame Retardant Zip-up Hoodie

    UFR81 Modacrylic FR Sweatshirt – Portwest 9oz Modaflame Knit, 2 Pockets, Anti-static, Brass Zipper, Permanent FR Properties

  • UFR88 FR Cotton Coverall Jumpsuit, 7 oz – Portwest Bizflame 88/12, Radiant & Convective Heat, ARC2, Brass Zipper, 8 Pockets

  • Portwest Bizweld Flame Retardant Coverall, UBIZ1, Orange, Front,

    UBIZ1 Fire Resistant Welding Coveralls – Portwest 9.5oz Bizweld, ARC 2, AR/FR, Molten Metal Splash, NFPA 2112, ARC2, FR Treated, 8 Pockets

  • This 9oz FR fabric is 60% modacrylic, 39% cotton & 1% carbon fiber. The modacrylic fibers are naturally resistant to flame, this material is very strong and durable. The cotton allows the fabric to remain both soft and breathable while remaining fire resistant. The carbon fiber makes the balaclava anti-static. 9oz Modaflame Knit (60% Modacrylic / 39% Cotton / 1% Carbon Fiber) 60% Modacrylic – These fibers are difficult to ignite and do not combust. Material will self-extinguish 39% Cotton – Provides the fabric with softness, flexibility and allows the garment to breathe to prevent sweat 1% Carbon Fiber – Makes the fabric anti-static FR properties will NEVER diminish or wash away Modacrylics are soft, strong, resilient and dimensionally stable Modacrylics are easily dyed, retain shape and are quick to dry

    FR09 Anti-static Fire Resistant Balaclava – Portwest 9oz. Modaflame Knit, UPF50+, Retains Shape, Breathable, Permanent FR & Anti-static

  • FR96 High Visibility Fire Resistant Shirt – Portwest Reflective, 8oz. Modaflame Knit, Permanent FR Properties, ARC 2, ANSI 107 Type R Class 3

  • FR95 High Visibility Fire Resistant Shirt – Portwest 7oz. Bizflame 88/12, 2 pockets, FR Treated, ARC2, NFPA 2112, ANSI 107 Type R Class 3

  • Portwest UAF73 Araflame NFPA 2112 FR Coverall, Gray

    UAF73 Anti-static FR Coveralls, NFPA 2112 – Portwest 4.5oz Araflame Plus, ARC 1, Reflective, 8 Pockets, Pre-shrunk, Permanently FR

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    The ASTM F1959/F1959M-12 standard is a test method designed for determining the ARC rating of materials for Clothing.

    This testing method is often used in close conjunction with NFPA 70E for classifying PPE.